Parul Khanna is an award-winning Entrepreneur and the owner of multiple ventures in India and Overseas. After graduating from the New York Institute of Art and Design, she started her entrepreneurial journey by incorporating Studio 6. Her design aesthetic leans towards elegant, contemporary and luxurious designs that reflect the personality of its owner onto their homes.

She has expanded her portfolio across multiple industries, through her venture capital firm- Capital Plus that has invested into brands like Trikaya (Pune), The Big idea, Baga Marina (Goa) and Desert Planners.

Her persona exudes elegance as seamlessly as her designs and her style of designing has earned her multiple projects in Lodha Aqua, DB realty, Ajmera Bhakti Park and Oberoi Woods among others. She has also been awarded as the ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ at the Tassel Awards 2018 and her articles on Forbes and cosmopolitan showcase her trajectory so far.

Parul is passionate about enabling more Women to achieve personal and financial Independence and hence, has been promoting the movement of Women Empowerment by conducting various Entrepreneurship sessions across educational institutions.